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Knowing your AVR ATmega or ATtiny microcontroller

Posting after a long break.

Anyway, I suppose you are a bit familier with microcontrollers and what they do. So this post is all about choosing microcontroller for your project.

See, before selecting any microcontroller you should point out some things:

The pin numbers and device interfaced:Number of Inputs and Outputs required.Types of Input and Output. (Analog, PWM, Digital)       This is the first thing you should check that what kind of sensors you are using, LCDs, Buttons, Speakers etc. This gives you idea about the number of pins required.
       Ex. Say you are using POT as Analog input (1 ADC pin required) and connected it to a Speaker which has PWM as input(1 PWM pin required). For this you can choose ATtiny45 or 85 which has 8 pin interface with 6 pin usable. Theres no need to select ATmega controllers.

   2. The SPEED and POWER funda:
Speed required for your project. Like if it is using math library and you are using Multiplication in your code. You should select the higher …