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Additional info about Clock Divider

Hello Coders.
Its a long time I am posting. Busy in some things actually so didnt got time to update.Anyway. I am posting this for our fellow coders who were encountering problem while simulating the code.Problem: Getting slight diffrence in frequency (a bit lower) than desired.Reason: The reason of this is the propogation delay of logic gates. As we are using adder and comparator in code for dividing frequency. This adds a slight delay at o/p. This can be easily observed in simulator.Solution: Manipulate your input constant by some factor and simulate till you get desired result as we cant avoid propogation delay.Hope you got it. If still not, mail me.August will be a month of New Exciting projects. Includes all Hacking Arduino software. Android programming and VHDL. KEEP CHECKING.....HAVE A GREAT TIME.