I'm a student from overseas university our most retarded professor ever, gave us absolutely no time for anything. We needed help with assignments and further with the final project. Then I came across Prasad's website and blog and saw he deals with DE2 board, however ours was DE2-70 board, so I took a shot in the dark and emailed Prasad to see if he can may be help us out. And sure enough he replied the next day and he was able to write VHDL code for DE2-70 board for close to 100 dollars. He gave us the code first, we tested the .sof file on the board and then we paid him the money. And all this took no more than 3 days!! Very nice person to deal with!! Anytime I need help with VHDL code, I know who to approach now! Thank you for your hardwork Prasadji, as I used to call you!! :) 

- Vikas Yadav

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