Thursday, September 20, 2012

RTC Clock with Alarm in VHDL

This is the code for RTC clock with manual setting and Alarm fuction. The video is uploaded on youtube. You can follow it for operation details.

The code is standard with 24MHz input clk. It also has AMPM function which can be set while setting clock. The clock is free running and Alarm can be set on go. It is a new corrected code over Manual Set problem in previous code.

The code files are given below: (The .sof file is precompiled for DE1 board and can be directly programmed to it.)

Project Archieve:



  1. We are going to use DE2 board. so what kind of changers we have to do?

  2. i am new to vhdl and the de0 board, i saw each files are seperate in your download file how to i make this into one file to be edited and work onto a de0 board for learning purposes?

  3. i am new to the de0 board and altera, i see your code is separated, how to i compile each file into one to be modified to work on the de0 board? This is for only learning purposes. thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter.

  4. The files in the zip file does not look like its the final version you used on your video, can you please update the zip folder. thank you very much.


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